We cover most types of video production, here are a few examples of our most popular services

Social Campaigns

Think of these as a mini-TV series that gives a comprehensive insight into your business, whilst keeping videos short, punchy and engaging. Social campaigns are a really cost-effective method of promoting multiple products or services and a great way of producing a lot of video content to complement your marketing strategy over a period of time.

Branded Content

Branded content often uses documentary-style content to promote products or services. The style of this sort of content is particularly popular because it focuses on telling someone’s story, rather than hard selling a product. This method of promotion is particularly effective on social media with short, subtitled videos that people can view on the move.


Whether you need a livestream to show everyone what they missed out on at your latest event or need content turning around fast to keep people up to date, we can help. We can put a team together to film highlights, interview attendees and get videos edited and out on your social channels quickly.